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Ann Firestone is the feisty, generous, positive President of Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue in Acworth, New Hampshire. We’re happy to support SYA and think you should, too! Check out their merch here. We’re also happy to share this latest bit from SYA’s newsletter. It’s a reminder that thousands of rescue agencies, like SYA and Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals, are doing yeoman’s work, day in, day out. We thank them for their ongoing dedication.

Ann writes:

Thankfully, Saturday morning dawned clear and sunny and not too hot. My dear friend and fellow board member Elise Paffrath had agreed to come with me to pick up two donkeys that were being surrendered to the rescue due to the owner’s inability to give them the attention he thought they deserved. We are always happy when people realize their limitations and reach out for help.

These two naughty donkeys had escaped through a bit of downed fencing and ended up on a busy road. It took a lot of people helping to get these two back to the safety of their home. Knowing the fence was not as it should be, their owners got them into their securely fenced dog yard where they were when we arrived to retrieve them.

They have never been easy to handle and at this point did not have halters on. They would come to us to take treats but were not too keen on allowing us to touch them. Hmmm, how were we going to convince them to load into a trailer?

Thankfully, their owner was super helpful and full of good ideas. We, ok, he expertly backed the trailer into position at the gate. Backing in tight spaces is something I’ve gotten pretty good at with Elise’s help, but if someone more skilled than I am is willing to give it a go, fine by me!

Once the trailer was in place, we opened the gate to the dog yard. Elise and I quietly walked behind the donkeys, ushering them into a narrow area. Every time they stopped, we stopped, gave them a minute to sort things, then stepped behind them again. They walked right onto the trailer without a moment’s hesitation! I think it was one of the easiest load-ups we have ever had.

No stress for us and none for the donkeys.

The two newbies, Bob and Maddie, were turned out into a paddock with Nunu and Santiago. In typical donkey fashion, the “residents” followed Bob and Maddie, checking them out for a few minutes. Bob and Maddie were intrigued but a bit nervous. Within the hour all were eating, standing close to one another, munching on hay. And this morning, all were standing together under an overhang.

These two donkeys want to make friends with people. With Hannah’s excellent training skills, I am sure they will love being handled before long.

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  1. Lovely account by that feisty Ann Firestone. This was, indeed, a surprisingly easy and wonderful donkey pick-up. We didn’t know what we were in for and it was smooth as silk. I think Bob and Maddie will soon become quite fond of what humans have to offer.

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