Save Your Ass or how ’bout a Mammoth Donkey?

Let’s give a nod of thanks and appreciation to all those animal rescues, toiling daily, even hourly, to make lives better for animals who’ve been tossed in the trash by others.

As a new Long Ear owner, I’d like to give a special shout-out to Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue in New Hampshire.

This story comes from SYA’s Ann Firestone:

“I’ve have been involved in animal rescue for all of my adult life and think I have a pretty tough skin, but one look at a picture of a pregnant mammoth donkey scheduled to palomaship to slaughter had me in tears. Of course I agreed to take her in.

She was rail thin – her hip bones stuck up like points. She was crawling with lice…she had a sad, vacant look in her eyes, like she’d given up hope.

She was so weak that she fell coming off the trailer.

And, on top of all this, she was carrying a foal.

With love, attention, and the help of our wonderful vets, Paloma slowly started to improve.

Amazingly she carried to term and delivered a healthy, bouncing baby boy on Easter Sunday, who we named “E.B.,” for “Easter Bunny.”

It’s taken close to a year to get Paloma totally back on her feet and healthy. She has gained even a bit more weight since E.B. has been weaned and her coat has become thick and shiny. It’s so wonderful to see that the light has come back into her formally dull eyes.

And best of all, Paloma and E.B. will be moving together to their new home later this month.


Please consider setting some time or funds aside to help hard-working, effective rescues like Save Your Ass.


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