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CONGRATULATIONS to Kathy from Freeport, Maine. She won this month’s contest. Thanks for the great response!

ropeWe’ll give away Redmond Rock next week and Eco Lips again soon!

…It’s one thing most of us riders have with us all the time. We’re as likely to have it as a cell phone, money, or pocket knife.

Lip balm.

You know I’m not into product pushing. But I started thinking about lip balm after getting a complimentary Eco Lips stick in a running race packet. It was coconut-flavored and organic.



Us Mainers would like to believe Burt’s Bees is organic. But it’s ‘natural’ (which doesn’t mean much anymore). Plus, Burt’s is owned by Clorox, stripping away its original Maine-owned character.

Eco Lips is a cool, little Iowa company. Its president, Steve Shriver, met his wife, Andrea, back when she was cooking up homemade lip balm in her kitchen.
Some years later, Eco Lips is hitting the big time. It’s Mongo Kiss line is perhaps the most affordable item Whole Foods has ever stocked. (A steal at two bucks)
Shriver, 40, calls it a “gateway organic product.”

“You can have organic and fair trade and not pay that much,” said Shriver. “For a lot of people, Eco Lips is their first organic experience.”

Filling Machine

Production manager Ron Willenborg monitors Eco Lips machine.

The operation has gotten a bit more sophisticated over the years; they churn out about ten thousand sticks per day in their semi-automated Cedar Rapids plant with flavors like lavender-lemon and kiwi-strawberry. They have lovely tinted lip balms, too.

Want to try it?

Click here to enter. We’ll select a winner at random and send off some Eco Lips Gold on a nifty carabiner that you can clip right to your saddle/belt/handbag.

Since it’s “Nature is Best” principles are so in line with those of NickerNews and BestHorsePractices, we’re partnering with Eco Lips to offer these great give-aways every month.

A Win for the outdoors and a Win for you!

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