A Horse’s No Win Situation

That was the tough, take-away message from Dr. Rebecca Gimenez when asked about how to protect your horses in the event of a tornado.

  • Close them in barns and you run the risk of harming them when the barn collapses. You may also stress them severely in taking away their ability to move and use their flight instinct.
  • Leave them in the pasture, they may get hurt, too.

Those in tornado-prone states (Here in Iowa, we’ve had some tornado watches and warnings.) may be tempted to build fortified structures, she said, but these will cost a lot and compromise light and ventilation. (Think concrete bunkers, eh?)

Preventative measures are key:

  • Consider microchipping your horse.
  • Braid contact information into their mane and/or paint it on your horse.
  • Store or get rid of equipment or other things that may become airborne and harm your horse when it goes flying (Think lawnmowers or that old bed frame around back)
  • Take care of yourself, first and foremost. (If something happens to you, you won’t be there for your horses.)

Read more from Gimenez here.

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