Absence makes the heart grow Appreciative

loadMay has been full of travel.
It’s involved truck and horse trailer alright. But this time, the rig was filled with bookcases, lamps, clothes, and keepsakes instead of horses.

3,000 miles. From Iowa to Maine (empty), then back to Iowa (full) as we completed the cross-country move initiated last year. For this gal going solo, it was a white-knuckle haul, made only less stressful because the cargo wasn’t precious like last year. (Read more)

Needless to say, I was thrilled to get back to the farm and breathe in the sweet smell of manure, not exhaust.
Of grass, not diesel.

And hear cardinals, sparrows, and mourning doves instead of the constant din of highway traffic.

And get tired from physical farm work, not fatigue from the sheer monotony of interstate miles.

Upon return, I sank my face into the horses’ necks and gave thanks.

It felt some good to leave the highway behind.

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