Amy Skinner heads to Australia

Horsewoman and Best Horse Practices Summit presenter Amy Skinner is off to Melbourne, Australia this year. The increasingly popular trainer has opened up spaces for a two-day clinic, September 19-20.

All disciplines are welcome.

Head here to register.

The clinic will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions, each three hours in length. Mornings are focused on learning correct basics on the ground, developing the beginnings of symmetry, balance, and understanding for under-saddle work. These sessions are especially appropriate for green horses or riders new to horsemanship.

Afternoon sessions focus further on symmetry and balance, as well as strengthening exercises. Lateral work, transitions, and refining the canter leadoffs will also be addressed. Riders in this session must be comfortable at walk, trot, and canter.

For more information, click here. 

In addition to her Australia event, Skinner will travel to Norridgewock, Maine, in May, and to Parma, Michigan, in June.

Happy travels, Amy!

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