Beat the Heat. Lose the Top

Natalie Lord wearing the Simplify bra from Title Nine

Interested in heat and horses? Read more here.

As high temperature records fall around the globe, riders are looking for ways to keep themselves and their horses cool. One great idea?

Lose the top.

Title Nine, the California-based online retailer, makes it easy:

  • A fit system that includes quick and easy steps to finding the best bra for you.
  • Live chat and customer phone support for any additional queries with their Bravangelists.
  • Dozens and dozens of sports bras, Work-to-Workout bras, and Beautility (less athletic, but still emphasizing utility over fashion)

We’re loving the Simplify bra from Brooks, a classic pullover sports bra. Natalie, shown here wearing a medium in pretty pink, gave our horse, Shea, a well-earned shower.

Interested in heat and horses? Read more here.

Handful Sports Bra

Some other options?

For smaller chested:

Handful Sports Bra

Patagonia’s Barely Bra

Straptastic Bra

For bigger chested:

Trade Up Shock Absorber Bra

Intrepid Underwire Bra













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