Bernice’s Big Bucket

Bernice-Ende-Card-Photo-2012NickerNews premiered Bucket Lists a few years ago.
Since then, dozens have posted their goals and dreams. Bucket Listers look forward to riding in the Grand Canyon, volunteering at the Olympics, camping in Acadia, and riding on the sand hills in North Carolina.

Exciting stuff.

In researching Unbranded and similar treks, we’ve come across additional riders with some big dreams and heady accomplishments. One stands out:

Meet Bernice Ende.

Since 2005, she’s ridden 18,000 miles across North America. Ende, a retired teacher, has completed major treks from Montana south to Texas, and north to Canada.

Want a big loop ride?

How about a loop including Montana – North Dakota – Minnesota – Iowa – Nebraska – Kansas – Oklahoma – Texas – New Mexico – Colorado – Utah – Idaho – Oregon – and Washington?

No kidding.
200911map1-300x278A recent Today show bit highlighted her feats.
She told Bob Dotson near Glacier National Park in northwest Montana:

“See those peaks up there? It’s like they’re saying, ‘See if you can come up here.’ One peak leads me to the next, and I want to go on.”

Her scariest moment:
She recalled a mustang stallion who tried to steal her mare and get rid of Ende.
“You’re constantly riding that wave of uncertainty,” said Ende. “The ride demands my skill, attentiveness, and caution or I’d be dead.”

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