Can a Nightie Improve Your Sleep and Your Life with Horses?

Betsy Seabert, founder of Chill Angel

For many of us riders, menopause involves a decade-long routine of challenging temperature regulation. Whether we’re in the saddle or at rest, it’s disruptive to our composure. It’s disruptive to our rides (Think dropping reins, unzipping sweatshirt, tucking it in saddle bag, all whilst maintaining a steady trot.)

  • Shed a layer.
  • Cover back up.
  • At night, toss off the comforter.
  • Gather it back up.
  • Repeat.

Hot flashes as inspirational?

No chance.

But they were for Betsy Seabert, the founder of Chill Angel, one of our favorite Outdoor Retailer small business start-ups.

Seabert, 56 years old and a breast cancer survivor, knows how distracting and unsettling the phenomena can be. She also has intimate knowledge of wool, the most comforting clothing material to help with temperature regulation. Wool is to hot flashes what aloe is to sunburn: a marvelous salve. The fiber keeps you warm when you’re cool and cool when you’re warm.

We’ve been singing the praises of wool for years with reviews of Duckworth and Ramblers Way, another two young, Made in America companies focused on wool.

Chill Angel has a fun, colorful range of loungewear

As apparel director for Smartwool for many years, Seabert appreciated how marvelously wool behaved for outdoor activities. Why not, she thought, bring that soft, satisfying utility to loungewear?

Thus was born Chill Angel, a delightful line of nighties and pajamas made in California of superfine Merino wool. Enter special discount code “CHILLCAYUSE” before October 1 and receive a 15 percent discount from Chill Angel.

I love the Nightie Night. It’s a colorful, simply designed, easy flowing nightgown that falls just above the knees. The contrast stitching lays flat and easy against the skin. The wool weight is lighter than most cotton or silk nightgowns and the knit is a divine, velvety 200 gram jersey. Chill Angel has styles to suit traditionalists or those of us more casual wearers of t-shirts and boxers. We also loved the Sereni-Tee paired with the Lounger Crop Pant.

During the summer, I usually crawl into bed around ten or eleven o’clock, when temperatures are dropping from around 80 degrees. As they always do in the mountains, temps fall sharply overnight. Waking up to 50 degrees is typical this time of year.

The Nightie Night kept me supremely comfortable despite these temperature swings and my own as well as my own warmth roller coaster. No flinging of blanket. No mid-sleep awakenings. Read more about a Chill Angel trial with light sleepers.

Its simple style meant no twisted straps or twice-around-the-waist entanglements. The racer back kept the top in place, no straps slipping off my shoulders.

Can a nightie improve your sleep patterns (and therefore your life with horses)?

This reviewer happily says “Yes.”

Enter our special discount code “CHILLCAYUSE” before October 1 and receive a 15 percent discount.

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  1. I just may have to try this out! I too am now experiencing the “joys” of menopause and the temperature fluctuations 🙂

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