Equine Affaire Highlights

We had a great time at the Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts earlier this month. With over 100,000 attendees, you see and hear a lot, including news from a brilliant, 92-year old trail rider! We note here some Best of the Equine Affaire and Things Heard at the Equine Affaire. Check them out:075-smiley-face-vector-art-free-download-l

Heard at EA:

  • I have multiple sclerosis and when I have a seizure, my horse stops and waits for me.
  • You know you’re at the Equine Affaire when two peoples’ phones go off and one is a theme from “Good, Bad, and the Ugly” ringtone and the other is “Bonanza.”
  • Said when receiving one of our Nicker More Buck Less bumper stickers: Will this work for my horse if I put it in his stall?
  • I can’t go fast on my pleasure horse because I don’t want him to learn to go fast.
  • Small-Questioning-FaceMy horse doesn’t like the color.
  • I threw a bucket at him and he still wouldn’t go in his stall.
  • My horse won’t do trail classes because he won’t put his nose to the ground and I can’t just tie his nose to the ground.


Best of the Equine Affaire:

  • We loved hearing the wisdom of presenter Warwick Schiller, who traveled from California to give several presentations.


  • We loved the folks from Redmond Equine, our neighbors in the Better Living Center and donors of one of our fabulous booth giveaways.

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  • We loved seeing partner Lucerne Farms, the Maine forage company. Owner Richard James happily reported that they sold out of all their offerings.






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  1. You “corraled” myself and friends at EA and said we were the typical demographic, so as such, I need to say increase your font size.
    Also I have an article brewing that was inspired by the versitile horse challenge if you are interested.
    Read all of the last issue and enjoyed it !

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