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If you’re still trying to get a handle on who we are and what we do, let me help:

For starters, I’m Maddy Butcher, a former newspaper reporter and founder of NickerNews and BestHorsePractices.

These two websites are online horse magazines dedicated to providing smart, lively information for horse owners and enthusiasts. Read more about NickerNews here and BestHorsePractices here.

L-R: Butcher, Skinner, Luciano, Nelson

L-R: Butcher, Skinner, Luciano, Nelson

If you checked out our booth at the Equine Affaire, you likely met me and/or the rest of the team: Raechel Nelson, Amy Skinner, and Emily Luciano. Here’s a bit about us:

I’m a native Mainer now living in southwest Colorado with my horses, mule and BLM burro. My partner is Dr. Steve Peters, author of Evidence-Based Horsemanship.

Raechel: a Coloradan living in Utah, she is the subject of the popular Mustang Miles & Minutes column, a feature on BestHorsePractices that documents her progress with an adopted mare and foal pair. (And she’s also a successful dentist.)

Amy: an up-and-coming trainer in northern Michigan. Amy writes her Journals & Journeys column for NickerNews. She has studied with a wide array of trainers from English and Western traditions, including Buck Brannaman, Buster McLaury, Leslie Desmond, and the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Spain.

Emily: a multi-year competitor in the Extreme Mustang Makeover, she’s our marketing director. The Florida gal originally hails from North Carolina, where she learned from her father, the renowned horseman, Jim Thomas of Bar T Horsemanship.

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  1. I heard about you from a post by Warwick Schiller and am glad to be receiving your newsletter. I haven’t even finished reading my first issue and have already learned something helpful.
    Thank you!

  2. My wife saw your booth at the equine affaire and told me about you. She signed up for your news letter. I must say I have found a ton of good info and I love the science stuff at Best Horse Practices. I have told some people i ride with about you and I can’t believe they were already signed up. Seems I was the last to know about a good thing!!

  3. I am wondering where I can post something about feeding horses. I have owned horses for more than 40 years and have learned a few things along the way. I wonder how I can pass on what I have been able to observe from experience and research to others who might be interested. Thank you for your wonderful web site. Fran

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