Go gentle into that good night, gophers

I’ve worked for years to improve my pastures. It’s hard work that has involved rotational grazing, overseeding, weed mitigation, and harrowing.

So this spring, when pocket gophers wreaked havoc in several spots, I started to take it personally.

What to do?

I’m not one for suffering. Traps and poison seemed like bad options. Carbon monoxide gassing, though, seemed acceptable. When the gas flows through their networks of tunnels, the rodents fall asleep and die.

I called Hodiak Wildlife Service. Owner Hody Ewing has been using this technique for years. He operates out of Arboles, Colorado, and serves southwestern Colorado widely.

Hody of Hodiak Wildlife Services uses carbon monoxide to eliminate rodents

He arrived with his quad, his tank of carbon monoxide (attached to a wand and an air compressor), and a rake. Patiently, he inserted the steel wand into a tunnel section and started his timer. Then he raked over the mounds of dirt that the gophers had piled. Not only does this neaten the pasture, it serves to indicate effective kills. If one sees new mounds, Hody will return for another application.

Thanks to Hodiak’s effective work, no return visit was needed. My pastures are looking greener and healthier every day.

Learn more on his Facebook page here.

Or, call or text (970) 799-3641.




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