Welcome Boulet Boots!

We welcome Boulet Boots, the storied, Canadian company, to the Cayuse advertising family!

Boulet Boots was founded some 90 years ago in Saint Tite, Quebec. During World War II, it was the leading provider of boots for the Canadian Armed Forces, producing nearly 300 boots per day.

Now, Boulet has about 200 employees and produces 200,000 pairs of high-quality roper, lacer, buckaroo, and other styles each year. Unlike so many boot companies who have abandoned actual riding customers for wannabe riders, urban cowboys, and fashionistas, Boulet remains solidly in support of us. According to Boulet demographic research, eighty percent of its customers ride regularly.

Check out the interactive page on how Boulet crafts its boots

We chatted with vice president Louis Boulet, grandson of founder, GA Boulet, by phone.

Recently, Boulet has introduced several improvements and options to its expansive style catalog. For instance, some boots have rubber soles with fine ribs as an alternative to the slick leader sole. The new option is durable without being stiff. Don’t worry – your foot will still slip easily from the stirrup.

Check out this interactive page on their manufacturing techniques.

Boulet has also introduced slip-in insoles to some models. This tends to offer more cushioning. Some boots have rubber injected into the ball of foot area, offering more comfort for those riders in the saddle all day.

We asked Louis about the decision years ago to serve the rider first and foremost, as other companies turned their attention toward urban markets.

Beautiful ladies vintage square toe boot by Boulet

“It was hard at first. There were a lot of potential customers in the city,” said Louis. “At first it was a problem, but it has become one of our strengths.”

We’ll be reviewing a few pairs of Boulets soon, including these gorgeous vintage square toe buckaroo boots for women.

Check out the full 2020 catalog and order directly from Boulet Boots here.

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