Introducing The Clothes Horse

Dr. Steve Peters, author of Evidence-Based Horsemanship

Dr. Steve Peters, author of Evidence-Based Horsemanship

It’s not common knowledge, but aside from being an accomplished neuropsychologist and horse book author, Dr. Steve Peters is a heckuva clothes horse.

He’s mighty particular about his riding outfits. Everything has to be Just So. In the morning, he doesn’t so much as get dressed as he creates an ensemble.

I find this hilarious. As the gal in this partnership, aren’t I supposed to be one standing at the closet door, hand on hip, deliberating what to wear? Isn’t that supposed to be me, checking the mirror to make sure my outfit’s workin’ for me?

(In truth, I tend to wear the same thing, day in, day out. If you asked me to close my eyes and describe what I was wearing, I could only say, “same as yesterday: jeans and t-shirt.”)

Steve doesn’t throw things together. His get-up is varied, respectful of tradition, and well-researched. He pscpulls from a vast inventory (I get just a fraction of the closet space.) He knows the difference between Texas gear, Nevada gear, and Mexican gear. He can discuss the merits of chaps versus armitas versus chinks. And with every weather condition, he’s got an appropriate hat to match.

Who better to kick off Clothes Horse, our new NickerNews feature?

Here, we will feature regular posts by Peters and other fashion-savvy riders as they discuss the decisions, merits, and enthusiasms behind their wardrobe choices.

Stay tuned for his first post, an ode to Texas cowboys.

Think you’d like to contribute to the Clothes Horse? Let us know!

A new regular feature on NickerNews – the Clothes Horse

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  1. Just perfect, I always put thought into the conditions and what I want or need to wear when riding. Im pretty traditional and like it that way. I can’t wait to see what others think to wear

  2. I agree with your point that most of us don’t have a clear idea about what to wear while riding. I mostly prefer jodhpurs, long boots and polo shirt for riding purpose.

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