Amy Skinner reviews the hard working Betty jean from Kimes Ranch

IMG_5358Amy Skinner is a frequent guest columnist and the owner and operator of Essence Horsemanship in Boyne City, Michigan. Here, she reviewed the Betty jeans from the Kimes Ranch Jean Company:

Amy writes:

I ride a lot and I go through a lot of jeans.  I never spend a lot of money on jeans since I tend to wear them out fast and end up buying another pair in no time.  I find most brands not worth the money and not holding up to the test of a rough out seat, sweat, and time.  But recently, I received a pair of the “Betty” style from Kimes Ranch Jeans in the mail and was excited to try them out.

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They fit great and to my surprise were actually long enough for me – often my jeans end up making me look like I’m waiting for a flood, and stick out the top of my boots when I ride.  These are high-waisted, a feature I Kimes Logowas skeptical of at first.  I don’t normally wear high-waisted jeans, trying vainly to stay away from the “grandma” look.  But I found these to still look great, and that the fit was great for wearing my chaps over (Sometimes with low-rise jeans, my chaps push my shirt up and rub the skin off my hips.).

They not only look great, but are super comfortable, and probably they are the best jean I’ve found for riding in.

  • They don’t bunch up.
  • They don’t pill from my rough out seat saddle.
  • They are made of thick denim so they’re durable.

IMG_5356I love the way they look for riding, but they also look great with an outfit for going out on the town (as if I had time for that….I imagine they would, anyway).

I love that with each ride, with each dismount and each mount, I don’t have to hitch them up or adjust them.  They stay where I put them, which helps me focus on my ride.  I love the dark denim, too.  They stand out and look attractive, while still saying “I work hard for the money. So hard for the money.”

These jeans were built for durability and a great look – unlike most jeans, they fit better and look better each time I wash them and the more I wear them.  I’m a Kimes Ranch convert, and think the jeans are well worth the price.  They’re a better deal than buying lots of cheap jeans that wear out quickly. These jeans are here to stay.

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Enter to win a pair of Kimes Ranch Jeans and a pair of Ariat boots.


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