Lady Bits: Infections & Incontinence

As athletes who are often spending hours and hours in the saddle, there are several Lady Bits issues that crop up for us. Incontinence, yeast infections, sweaty rashes, pubic pain are problems faced by us riders. Yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, for instance, are common and can be treated through prevention as well as drugs.

Read more about two women riders who had problems and then found solutions.

Itchy Prevention:

Breathability is key! Many riders suggest wearing cotton underwear and changing out of sweaty undies as expeditiously as possible. Consider wearing loose, breathable clothing when not in the saddle. Try sleeping without underwear and/or pajamas.

Cutting back on sugar in diet is often recommended for women prone to yeast infections. We know, for example, that women at risk for diabetes tend to get more yeast infections.

Itchy Treatment:

Many issues can be treated with over-the-counter medications. However, if you are experiencing your first infection, you may not know what it is. Knowledge first, then treatment! Jock itch, for instance, requires different treatment than a vaginosis. Consult a doctor.


Older women or those who have had multiple births may struggle with incontinence. It’s an issue that can sometimes be alleviated with physical therapy.

Check out this video on the correct physical therapy approach to Kegel exercises and this one for incontinence.

Here is a helpful article on preventing and treating incontinence.

Here’s a Colorado State University article on vagina-related facts.

Coming soon: We review sports bras from Title Nine.

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