Lady Bits: Undies & Oww-ies

Several women shared their Lady Bits & Riding experiences. Thank you and keep ’em coming! Contact us here if you’d like to share.

Writes a rider from Colorado:

What a great subject! At age 50, I’m fairly new to riding. I have an Arabian mare and am studying reining and ranch versatility with a trainer. In my short adult riding career, one interesting Lady Bits moment to share in hopes of helping others: I rather suddenly developed a small, very tender spot on the vulva (the area immediately external to the vagina). It ached all the time. I knew it wasn’t a cyst (which I’d gotten in the same place from cycling, years ago).

I went to gynecologist and it turns out that I’d grown a skin tag, which she removed with a bit of anesthetic. Her recommendation was to choose underwear wisely: anything with a thick edge to it, or a thong, because of its narrowness, can move around while riding and rub. The friction can cause an irritation.

Now, I wear a ‘boy short’ which puts the elasticized leg edge well away from anything tender and doesn’t have bulky seams. I’ve had no further problems.

Writes another rider from North Carolina:

I wear boy shorts or athletic undies to ride in. I never go commando (no undies at all). I tried that once and my crotch hurt for about a week. I always always wear cotton undies which can be unbelievably hard to find. Also, when riding all day, I often change socks and undies at lunchtime.

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  1. So glad to see this subject! I’ve sometimes finished a ride with burning “down there” to discover I’m bleeding. This is especially true when I take lessons on a large horse who needs a large saddle and the seat is too large for me; this causes me to slide back and forth and rubs my lady bits raw. I’ve tried Vaseline which sometimes helps. No one talks about this so I thought I was the only one with this problem! So again, thanks for introducing the subject.

  2. I found that wearing my cotton undies inside out, is more comfortable.
    The smooth side of the undies is against my skin. The seams no longer rub or press into my skin.
    Also, I wear my socks inside out. The seam on the toe used to be so uncomfortable for me. Putting the smooth outer side of the sock against your skin, will not give a blister like the rough inside will.

  3. Never, ever had this issue in 25 years of riding. All your weight should be on your seat bones, not your pubic bone. There should be no “slipping or sliding” in the saddle. Have worked 9 hour days on horseback pushing cattle and never had any of these issues. Make sure your saddle fits you (and the HORSE!) then keep your weight on your seat bones and use your legs to direct your horse. With lightness in all areas.

  4. When riding long days, or in the heat of summer, I sprinkle unscented baby powder to prevent friction between my ‘cheeks’ and my breasts and I ride with a panty liner to absorb extra sweat. I always, always ride in cotton undies too. Though they are getting harder to find these days. Happy Trails!

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