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Julie Kenney reviews True Shape jeans and All Day Active UPF 1/4 Zip Hoodie, both from LL Bean:

This UPF top suits Julie to a T

In early March, when I received my LL Bean jeans and UPF long-sleeve shirt to review, I had no idea we were about to be shut down as a nation, due to the Corona virus.  We were headed into an unseen-in-my-lifetime global pandemic.  In addition, here in Maine, we were about to experience a very late winter with lots of colder than normal temperatures and snow, even into mid-May.

Strange times indeed.

As we approached the end of May, it was time to get some trail riding done with my equine partner, Eli.  I was finally able to test out my True Shape jeans and All-Day Active UPF ¼ Zip Hoodie.

These jeans are super comfortable.  Just enough stretchiness to fit comfortably while in the saddle and also mounting and dismounting, but they also retain a really nice overall fit.  I found that these jeans fit true to size with a high enough waist to be comfortable for hours in the saddle.  I always get jeans longer in the leg to accommodate the rise when sitting astride.  These jeans were spot on for me with the ‘tall’ inseam for riding.

True Shape jeans are comfortable in and out of the saddle.

By the third week of May, we had had exactly two days of weather warm enough to wear a short-sleeve shirt while working outside.  Again, pretty unusual.  Because of that, I ended up with a mild sunburn on both my arms.  The long-sleeve UPF hooded shirt from LLBean was the perfect foil for the sunburn.

The fit was superb and the UPF treated fabric kept my arms from feeling hot in the sun.  I know it seems strange to wear long sleeves when it’s hot and sunny, but try out a UPF shirt.  You won’t be disappointed.

I would recommend both of these products from LLBean.

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