Maine to Utah, circa 1849

Imagine my delight in learning a Maine family was among the first white folk to settle in this neighborhood!

Meet Thomas and Mary Jane Butterfield of Farmington, Maine.

[Photo at right shows the stone and brass monument, erected in their hometown, Herriman.]

In the 1830’s, they met Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet, and followed him first to Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri, before finally heading to Utah by oxen and wagon.
In 1849, they settled just west of the Jordan River and found clear drinking water in the canyon that now bears their name, Butterfield Canyon.

Thomas Butterfield was a busy guy. He raised cows, sheep, oxen, horses, and bees, and fathered 12 children.

“Thomas Butterfield was a very industrious man. As the years went by, he added to the variety and amount of crops planted until the family produced most everything they needed or cared for. His herds grew large and prosperous. He was known for his generosity, always giving to those in need or less fortunate.”

thomasAccording to Family Search, a website maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The pretty Butterfield canyon lies a few miles from where, after much searching of the 21st century variety, we found a place to suit our needs and wants after completing our own journey west over the Rockies.

Photo at right, Thomas and Mary Jane Butterfield.

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