Muddy Creek Long Coat Review

Amy Skinner, a Best Horse Practices Summit presenter and owner of Amy Skinner Horsemanship, reviewed the Muddy Creek Long Coat.

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Skinner writes:

Here in North Carolina, it seems to rain more often than not. I moved down here from northern Michigan to get away from missing riding days due to snow. Now I miss riding days due to rain and mud. Something related to my rain gear had to be done.

The Muddy Creek slicker kept me warm and dry from chin to ankles during one of spring’s many downpours. It isn’t heavy and hot like my old oilskin coat, which is nice for those more temperate spring and fall rains. It’s easier to move in than I was expecting and stayed in place well during my day’s activities.

I trimmed hooves, rode horses, and did chores without it getting in the way. It has some great, accessible pockets as well to keep my cell phone dry.

Importantly, the coat is great for riding, as it goes easily over both sides of the horse and a Western saddle without bunching up.

The sizing runs large, as a small on me fit both me and my 250-pound, large and muscular husband (okay, it might have been a bit snug in the shoulders for him). I now consider this rain coat an essential item for living in a rainy climate. As my dad used to say, there is no bad weather, only bad gear.

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