Stretch That Dog makes us better dog owners

Dr. Petra Sullwold

Dr. Petra Sullwold, a Best Horse Practices Summit sponsor and owner of six equines, dedicates her days to serving horses, dogs, and humans with her chiropractic services. She has worked on me as well as my mule, Jolene. We are better off for her attentive, generous care.

Our visits with Sullwold are always imbued with her sharing of the latest research and suggestions for how we can take care and make progress on our own. She has messages of knowledge and empowerment – rare treats in the medical world.

It makes sense, then, that Sullwold would produce a DVD to help dog owners invest in the wellness of their four-legged friends. Since most horse owners have dogs, we thought it would be appropriate to review her “Stretch That Dog” DVD.

Coming soon, “Stretch That Horse”!

“Every day, I have dogs come into my practice who have aches and pains and injuries that could have been prevented by early detection,” says Sullwold.

With this short, instructional video, we can become more in tune with the wellness of our dogs, head off injuries, and add years to our dogs’ lives, she proposes.

Dogs can get kinks and soreness from a wide range of issues stemming from overexertion, chasing each other, digging, being pulled by a leash, or lack of exercise. All these routine habits can affect their biomechanics.

Learn to safely stretch your dog, she suggests. Do it a few times a week or once a month. Any efforts, completed with care and attention, can help.

Sullwold teams up with her uber-relaxed dog, Linus (the “King of Awesomeness”), to demonstrate front limb stretches for the shoulder, elbow, and carpus.

Linus and Sullwold then move to back end work, including stretches for the stifle and hock.

There are neck stretches (treat use recommended!) and pectoral stretches, too.

And I thought I was a good dog owner! Who knew?

Stretch That Dog is available as a digital download or physical DVD. Check out your options here.

Sullwold demonstrates a pectoral stretch with her dog, Linus.

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