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At the Cayuse Collaborative Clinic in Santa Fe, February 12-13, we will have several added benefits for riders, free of charge. There will also be complimentary features for auditors, too. We look forward to featuring them at Hipico for you!

Dr. Doug Thal will give a Sunday morning presentation

For the riders, Trish Lemke will offer lunchtime sessions and Dr. Doug Thal of Thal Equine will give a Sunday morning horse education class. Free to all. We will also have books, travel mugs, and other items for sale.

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Trish runs Joy Rides and is a certified life coach. She writes:

Horses don’t only carry our bodies when we’re riding them; they also carry our emotions, our energy, our moods, our thoughts, our judgment, our desires and our fears.   They carry the day we’ve been having so far and the day that we’re going to have when we leave.  They carry our triumphs as well as our failures from the days, weeks and years that we’ve already had and the hopes and dreams for our years to come.  Humans are complicated animals and our horses are just trying to do their best to understand us and learn how to carry the plethora of things that we carry with us all day, everyday.

Their very survival as a species is dependent on this acute awareness of their environment, their herd mates, and the safety of their surroundings, so it’s no wonder they’re incredibly adept at picking up the subtleties and nuances of their human beings. 

We humans aren’t so good at this.  We put a lot of pressure on our horses to be good, to be consistent, to be aware of their bodies and their space and to go against their very natures in many circumstances, but we often fall short when it comes to looking at ourselves.  Honestly taking the time and understanding how what is going on with us, might be contributing to a bad, frustrating or inconsistent ride or training session with our horses.  And even more importantly, how we can have more awareness around and more control over our thoughts, moods, feelings and behaviors in order to intentionally set ourselves and our horses up for more happiness and success with each other.

Bringing more awareness to self and taking responsibility for our part of the partnership will go a long way towards bettering the relationship with our horses, which directly relates to how we ride and how enjoyable the time is.

We give them the best care, the best feed, the best life that we can, but the greatest gift we can give, is learning how we can be the best humans for our horses.

Join me for a lunchtime breakout session for a discussion and some easy practices that can help you start your journey of humanship in order to better your horsemanship. 

Learn more about Cayuse Collaborative Clinic.


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