Micro-steps with Rewards Work Best for Dogs and Horses

The weather is warming. Snow is disappearing. And like riding season, herd dog training season is back! My dogs and I are fortunate to resume our training with Ann Chernoff Allan, a remarkable local trainer. Read more here. Last year, we trained faithfully for six […]

The Most Fun You Can Have With Dogs in the Dark and Cold

I’m servant to three, highly energetic, mixed-breed-but-mostly herding dogs: Peeko, a heeler mutt; Kip, a mostly Aussie girl; and Monty, a mostly border collie boy. Together, we trek between two and ten miles every day. Especially during the winter, many of those outings happen in […]

Stretch That Dog makes us better dog owners

Dr. Petra Sullwold, a Best Horse Practices Summit sponsor and owner of six equines, dedicates her days to serving horses, dogs, and humans with her chiropractic services. She has worked on me as well as my mule, Jolene. We are better off for her attentive, […]

Horse training mantra gets a dog test

Horse trainers like to say, “Make the wrong thing hard and the right thing easy.” I embraced the strategy with my dog, Kip, during our most recent training session. In this case, though, weather lent me a helping hand. As previously noted, Kip has had […]

Ride Along Dog’s Progress

Kip, the Aussie pup, graduated from obedience class with average marks and now is ready for anything. Or, so she says. Thanks to Dr. Cynthia Reynold’s sage advice, my top priority now is making her safe around horses. Then, to make her trail savvy. She’s […]

Herd Dog Tips and Tipping Point

The development of our Ride Along Dog reached a tipping point recently. At seven months, Kip has matured physically and mentally. Weighing 40 pounds, she’s all speed and agility. On the last few pasture walks, her herding nature has blossomed in full form. She’s done […]

Ride Along Dog Progress

If we got another dog, we wanted a Ride Along Dog. Thus, the summer acquisition of Kip, an Australian Shepherd from a litter of eight down the road. Kip’s growing up and at six months can outrun nearly everyone here at the farm. Her speed […]

Dog is Good. Horse is Good

What do you do with all those catalogs that come as junk mail? Do you browse through them? Recently, they go automatically to the recycling bin for me. I don’t even thumb through. More often, I’ll browse and shop on line. And when I like […]

Dogs and Horses Go Together

Tis the season for polls and surveys. Take a quick one – how many of your horse-owning friends also have dogs? I’m betting nearly all of them do. Woof and Hoof. Bark and Buck. Dogs and horses go together. But how many have dogs that […]

Lockdown Lessons

A note from the Editor: View all Cayuse Corona Community content here. This week, we’re thrilled to hear from Jacky Davies, a Best Horse Practices Summit attendee and Cayuse Communications reader. Last year, Jacky moved from Alberta, Canada, to Norfolk, England. In England, there have […]