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J. Howard Miller’s iconic WW II era poster

Years ago, I sold my round pen (16 six-foot-high, heavy gauge panels, weighing about 90 pounds each) to a woman from Downeast Maine. She brought her flatbed trailer and the two of us loaded them. Twenty minutes and done. She cinched them down with ratchet straps and waved goodbye.

Did I mention she was five-months pregnant?

Horsewomen and git-er-done skills often go hand in hand. Some of the handiest, toughest women I know are fellow horse owners. They are women who can swing a hammer, dig post holes, and DIY with the best of them. They put the Ms. in MacGyver.

It pays to be handy, resourceful, and self-sufficient. Otherwise, you’d be hiring someone else to carry on all the barn and ranch maintenance and management. It saves on gym membership, too. Our weights are muck rakes. And hay bales. And saddles. And water buckets. And hammers. And post hole diggers.

This week, I’ve been working on building a dry lot. I’m creating a space to keep the horses off pasture, so that the rest of our fenced property can avoid being overgrazed.

Read more about that here.

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