Horse Shooting Video Truly Viral

In the latest episode of pointless, partisan violence and vitriol, a New Mexico man bought a horse at an auction, took him outside, shot him dead, and posted his recorded actions on YouTube.
Tim Sappington said he wanted to enrage all the animal rights activists who’ve been picketing the meat plant where he once horseshotworked. (Valley Meat Company has been trying to convert to a horse slaughter facility through approval processes at the Department of Agriculture.)
He succeeded alright. But often it pays to consider more than the knee jerk responses.

Didn’t he realize his efforts would only steel them to the cause?

Didn’t he realize more folks would jump on board the anti-slaughter campaign?

He martyred that horse.

I didn’t watch the video. I didn’t want to watch a horse die. And I didn’t want to gratify Tim Sappington with another viral click.

We have a huge problem of unwanted horses in America. Slaughter is one solution. Anyone who doesn’t want horses slaughtered, might now get off the fence and consider alternatives – like restricting breeders, funding rescue agencies, and cutting down on the number of mustangs being domesticated.

If there is one silver lining in Sappington’s actions, it’s that a lot of folks just got off the fence. Thanks, Sappington.

Oh, and Tim, the Family Guy sends his regards.

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