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Last week, I visited a college class called “Facing Your Demons.”

Ok, the course was actually “Product, Brand, and Category Management,’ a business class offered by instructor Anne King at Mt. Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

King invited me to speak to her students about NickerNews.

Facing Your Demons is what us introverted writers call the necessary evils of marketing and promotion. We know we gotta do it, but it can be downright painful. In a perfect world, I’d rather write, ride, and hire someone else to do it. Sometimes, I like to pretend those semi-scary, semi-annoying chores are simply not there. If I ignore them, surely they will disappear.
Facing Your Demons is how I like to think of public appearances, too. As I said to King, “Thanks for giving me such short notice. It meant one sleepless night, instead of many more!”

But to an engaged and enthusiastic class, I described the creation and growth of NickerNews, its platforms, distribution, and demographics. I also shared with them my struggles and limitations as a one-woman shop and how that role means juggling an array of responsibilities and duties.

During a lengthy discussion session, the students, professor, and I reviewed business strategies. We brainstormed ideas for development. Not surprisingly, the students were fluent and expansive with their marketing suggestions. They showed thoughtfulness and enthusiasm in their approach.

It was fun, productive, and enlightening.

Who would have thought?

And what’s more?

I’m going back next semester!

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