Saddlebag Gotta-Haves

No doubt moving makes you appreciate what’s left behind.
Sure, I love Utah. But where’s my Slipstream granola and Eco Lips lip balm? Two great products for day packs and saddlebags.

Mike Winnike

I stumbled across both Iowa products while cruising farmer’s markets and reading local papers there. I met Slipstream’s owner, Mike Winnike, at the Iowa City Farmer’s Market (one of the country’s best, in my opinion) where he was just getting started with the granola. For years, Winnike has run a successful bike shop, Slipstream Cycling.
He developed the recipe, delectably heavy on hazelnuts and honey, with a Colorado friend and pastry chef. It’s organic and downright addictive. In our family, the Slipstream disappears more quickly than any other brand. Aside from this original recipe,  called “Heidi’s blend,” Winnike has brought two new varieties to the table this year. “Julie’s Blend” tastes like crunchy, homemade apple crisp and “Theo’s blend” has dark chocolate and coconut.

Missing my farmer’s market ritual, I got back in touch with Mike the other day. Slipstream is more and more available in supermarkets, he said. Plus, you can buy it online. Hooray. Check it out here.

Many readers are familiar with Eco Lips, a company we’ve partnered with as much for its outdoorsy-ness as its commitment to keeping it American and keeping it real (without chemicals).
Last year, I met President Steve Shriver after he’d just returned from a mountaineering trek in South America. He showed me around the facility, housed in Cedar Rapids’ historic Cheery Building. Unlike several businesses, Eco Lips moved ecolipsbalmback into town soon after the devastating, roof-topping, six-billion dollar flood in 2008.
They do solar.
They do sustainable.
And now, they do self-serve.
As in, make your own custom recipe. Yep, with a few clicks, you can whip up your own batch, using Eco Lips huge array of organic ingredients: beeswax, olive oil, lavender, orange, ginger, mint. You could literally eat this stuff. It’s that good.
Check out your options here.

And stay tuned for giveaways!

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