Welcome Boulet Boots!

We welcome Boulet Boots, the storied, Canadian company, to the Cayuse advertising family! Boulet Boots was founded some 90 years ago in Saint Tite, Quebec. During World War II, it was the leading provider of boots for the Canadian Armed Forces, producing nearly 300 boots […]

Stepping into new Boulet Bison boot

You can’t advocate for riders to reach outside their comfort zones and going for new experiences with their horses without doing likewise. So, when it came to reviewing a pair of boots from Boulet, the Canadian family-run company based northeast of Montreal, I knew I’d […]

Must I take off these Boulet Boots?

Dr. Steve Peters, a Best Horse Practices Summit presenter and collaborator in the new site Horse Head, reviews a pair of Boulet boots. The boots were handmade in Saint Tite, Quebec. Read more about Boulet here. He writes: Last month, I opened the box containing […]

Boulet Boots dedicated to serving riders

Recently, we spoke with Louis Boulet, vice president of the Boulet Boot Company. The 84-year old company is still based in the small town where it was founded, Saint-Tite, northeast of Montreal, Canada. Boulet is not your typical cowboy boot company. Typical: Start making boots […]

Summer & Fall Gear Reviews

Editor’s Note: We rely on quality gear for our many hours outside, with animals, doing physical work and play, in the weather, under all sorts of conditions. We need clothing and equipment that will hold up as much as we do. Here’s a selection that […]

Olathe Boot Review

If cowboy boots were beverages, a pair of Olathe boots, hand-crafted of premier leather in Mercedes, Texas, would be a smooth glass of single malt scotch. Or, for coffee drinkers, a silky double espresso brévé served in fine china. Read more about the Texas company […]